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For you commercial coffee needs, we have a wide assortment of coffee roasts to meet your taste and also different sizes for your specific coffee machine.

The name of our commercial line of coffee is "Löfbergs Lila Lyxblandning", which is made of the same top quality beans as the well known Swedish coffee-brand Löfbergs Lila.

Under the Löfbergs Lila lyxblandning brand is also Organically Grown and Fairtrade Grown Coffee, with the biggest consideration for the environment and humans. As coffee specialists, we would love to share our knowledge with you to ensure the ultimate coffee experience for your Restaurants, Offices or Coffee Houses.

We do all kind of orders, big as small. Past orders have gone out to the Olympics, LA Auto Show for Volvo, Ulrika´s Restaurant in New York and The Scandinavian Bread Company in Florida.

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